Search Engine Optimisation (helping get your website found)

So you have a great looking, wonderful website, but nobody can find you. The next step towards your online dominance is to have your site fully optimised which we now call Search Engine Optimisation.

Having been involved with the internet for well over a decade I have seen many changes to the way in which search engines index a website. Many years ago, the only thing you really needed was to have good meta data for your website. This is the term for something which describes other data and provides information about a certain item's content. Meta data is still important for SEO and plays a very important role in how your site gets indexed within the search engines but these days there are many new and very clever tricks which can be used. The key phrase with SEO is that "content is King".

Whilst I would never guarantee that I can get your site to the number one position, I have had excellent results in the past It would be very misleading to promise such a position and any company that offers this service should be kept well clear of as the methods they use can have a detrimental long term effect to how your site is indexed. Sure, they may be able to accomplish this task with frowned upon methods but sooner or later the search engine in question will pick up on this and then penalise your site for the methods used. I personally believe in organic SEO as this method, although sometimes taking a little while to achieve the results, has a better long term standing than the other so called "cheating methods".

So what do I do that's different?

The most important aspect for me is to have a close relationship with the company in question and to make sure that they are integral to the process. I believe that any company I work with on the SEO should have a key involvement in achieving a good search engine result. My main belief is that a client should help to write the content as it is the client and the client only who has the greatest understanding of their own business or industry. Having well written content is one of the main avenues to getting good results with your chosen phrases and words.

Search Engine Analysis

One of the first things I do is to make a quick analysis of your current SEO activities to see what type of things have been put in place already. If you are a new business that has never had any type of SEO done then the best place to start is to look at your target market to see what sort of things potential clients are already searching for.

Then together we work on a plan to help you drive traffic towards your website. One thing I always say to any client is to have a long term vision, as you are reliant on the search engine robots visiting and indexing your website.

What SEO success have I had?

Experience counts for a lot in the digital age as newcomers tend to drown in a sea of endless possibilities, confusing codes and numerous, disparate fads and trends. Fortunately I have plenty of relevant experience, especially when it comes to SEO.

Below is a short breakdown of the successes I have achieved in getting my clients to prominent positions within the Google search result lists. I have many more which I would happily disclose should you wish to get in touch with me.

  • The Classical Guitar Centre Ltd - Keywords: classical guitar (top 10), flamenco guitar (top 10), Spanish guitar (top 10).
  • Elaine Trattles Driving School - Keywords: driving instructor Darlington, driving lessons Darlington, driving school Darlington (all top 10).
  • Tomlinson Hall & Co Ltd - Keywords: Alfa Laval pumps, depa pumps, elro pumps, alldos pumps (all top 10).

With my techniques it's not only the keywords that we discuss that get success but extra keywords that are found throughout the structure of the website and the meta data and coding that I can put in place. For example the Classical Guitar Site over the last month had over 5,725 total visits via 2,149 keywords; now that's some seriously effective SEO, even if I do say so myself!

So what are you waiting for? Drop me a line, get in touch and let me help you with your goals and drive traffic to your website.