Other services I can help with (I've learnt a few things over the years)

Logo Design

Every brand, company, product and service will at some point require a professionally designed logo. My design skills have enabled me to come up with some intriguing and compelling logos, so why not take advantage of my skills and let me create you an identity. I like my clients to be involved throughout the whole process of the logo creation, from mock-ups through to the final design.

Some I made earlier

Wilton Angling Club Just Gleaming DJ Zimmo


Got something to sell? If you have perfect, I can help you sell it online. If you are looking for an e-commerce (the term used for selling online) website at an affordable cost I can help. Hope the affordable cost bit grabbed your attention.

I develop online shops using cubecart, why? Well it's license is very affordable to all, and you are then only paying for my time to develop the design for your shop and my expert knowledge in integrating this and all the fancy elements into the software. This massively reduces the costs in comparison to having your online shop built with the likes of Magento (another e-commerce package).


If you have plenty of money to splash around, then the Magento platform would be the ideal solution. It's got all the bells and whistles, and is probably one of the most advanced e-commerce systems on the market.

I can help you with obtaining ssl certificates (that little lock you see in the corner on a secure website), finding the right payment provider, choosing the right hosting platform, best suited to the option you take. Finally getting it all configured so that all you need to worry about is what you are selling on the site and how you are going to package and post them (unless your selling digital products or services that is).

Not forgetting...

Being involved with computers and the internet most of my life, you find that you have so much to offer people, so here are a few points below that may be of help to you.

Social Media

I don't manage it for you (but I know a man that can), but I can help you set it all up though. From creating a twitter account to setting up a facebook page (I've done lots of them) I will even show you how to make it work.

Print Media

This area covers quite a few things, from posters, brochures, advertisements, flyers, birthday invitations and anything else you can print. I can design for all of these, remember I said I worked for a magazine in my past. You will have to get the printing done yourself, I only have a home printer but I do know some great printing companies that offer great prices.


I can help with these things; Newsletter Creation, Email Marketing, Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Microsites, jquery, php coding, Blog integration (wordpress), Forum installation and configuration, Email configuration and Web Diagnostics. I think that's everything covered, just ask me if its not listed, you can reach me on 07805 254007 or fill in your details here.