About me - a little insight!

About MeOriginally I was involved in the print industry, having working for HP Publishing for a number of years working on a weekly magazine. The roles were quiet varied, starting off as an office junior, and working my way up to the print department and being involved in the creation of the magazine.

It was at this company that I first became involved with the internet. Back in 1998 I decided to put a website together for the magazine, and this is where it all began.

Back then the web standard was at 3.2 and we had no css or any of the fancy stuff we see today!. Frames were the way forward then (something we stay well clear of today) and everything had to be optimised as modems were just releasing speeds of 33.6kbps, can you imagine if we had that speed today with the way websites have evolved, we would be making tea before the site loaded. So you could say I have been there from almost the very beginning.

I do believe that being involved from the early days has enabled me to see the internets growth and also transition to how it is today. No longer do we optimise like we had to, now that the majority of us have broadband we can let our imaginations run wild.

Throughout my time being involved with the web I have worked with some truly wonderful people and still do so today. I have kept long lasting relationships with many design companies and continue to not only provide web services for them, but also technical support on a variety of issues. All because of experience and what you pick up along the way.

I am by no means a nerd! :o) as the word does seem to get associated with people in the computer industry, I just enjoy what I do and love having the passion to try and go the extra mile for people and produce work beyond what they expect.

On a personal note, I am happily married, have great kids and enjoy the social side of life beyond my work. I have a passion for angling, and on some sundays you will catch me fishing a match at either my angling club, or one of the opens. If not a session down the river is always a relaxing break.

I enjoy reading books by James Patterson and John Grisham and aside from that movies and music.

One of my missions is to help Social Clubs and Working Men's clubs stay open. The alarming rate at which they are closing down is sad to see, and they are the heart of all communities and with a little help from others can move in the right direction. Check out this directory for the Social Clubs. This was designed, developed and had lots of intense hours inputing the clubs details, all for free of course by myself. Just a little something to give them a helping hand.

When deciding on your next web project, or if you feel that your own site is not performing, get in touch and I will help you move it in the right direction.